Meet the Team

As the destination for resources and advice for those interested in a career in the music industry, Music Production Schools is the place to go.

Meet the Team
The team at Music Production Schools is led by CEO Jason Veeder. Jason is a music producer and industry expert with several years of experience. He is also an immensely popular DJ, with a strong reputation for creating unique mashups and maintaining an exciting party atmosphere all night long!

As a music producer, Jason has recently worked on an EP with singer-songwriter Mark Sala, and the debut full-length album from singer-songwriter Kari Lynch.

Jason set up Music Production Schools to provide a one-stop destination for aspiring music producers to discover information about the industry, its training opportunities, and long-term career prospects. Drawing on Jason’s own experience, as well as that of his contemporaries, the team has created a valuable online resource for all.

Resources Available:
From guidance on the type of music production courses available as well as a comparison of the benefits and drawbacks, average salaries and long-term career prospects for this industry they aim to give as much advice as possible. They can also help make decisions on traditional or online schools and courses assist with training and long-term career choices.

Also available is an aptitude test in order to determine if you are the right fit for the industry and discover which strengths, skills and interests suit you best.

This is not the official page for Music Production Schools but gives some insight into who they are and what you can find.