All about Five Card Stud

Five Card Stud Poker Don’ts

You must never raise if you have a weak poker hand
You must avoid raising the bet more than two times unless you’re absolutely sure of having a superior poker hand, which can possibly lead you all the way to the showdown and then the pot. Furthermore, avoid bluffing under such circumstances as players raising repeatedly would normally have a good poker hand and would be determined to stay in till the end. If you do continue in such a scenario, one of your opponents may re-raise, making it an even more expensive hand for you.
Simply put, play an expensive hand only and only if you’re in possession of a really good poker hand.

You must never play if you lack confidence
Smart poker players can easily exploit your lack of confidence and use it against you to increase their winning chances. This poker variant is all about gauging the weaknesses and strengths of the opponents, and playing with a lot of self-confidence and conviction, especially if the opponents are strong players.
Ideally, if you’re playing against strong opponents you must move the game so quickly that none of them get suspicious about your hand. On the other hand, you can afford to take a slower approach when playing with weaker opponents, bluffing every now and then.
This strategy works very well because strong opponents normally don’t take much time in folding their hands if they get the slightest hint their hand isn’t better than yours. However, weaker opponents continue playing even with bad poker hands and don’t bother much about their bankroll.

You must always avoid playing weak hands
Although it’s okay to try your luck with a weak poker hand every once in a while, especially if you’re playing a no limit stud poker game, such hands must be folded right away when you’re sitting at a pot-limit stud table. Players who often plays a small bets despite having weak hands, tend to lose plenty of money, as their opponents are smart enough to not quit and take it to the end.

You must never play this game without learning its basics
Although it may be hard to believe, a good number of Five Card Stud poker players play this game without even understanding its rules. You must never sit and play at a Five Card Stud table unless you’ve learnt and mastered the game’s basics. Perhaps you can open an account at some online casino like Bet365 and play the game in fun mode initially, without involving any real money. Doing so will give you a good idea about the game before playing with actual money.

You must never stop learning about the game
Many seasoned poker players get into the mindset of believing that they know all about Five Card Stud and there’s nothing left to learn about the game. Please keep in mind that no matter how long you may have been playing this game, how many strategies you may be aware of, there’s always more to learn on the Internet. You can find all sorts of Five Card Stud secrets, strategies and tips on the Internet.

You must never play a Five Card Stud hand without understanding its actual value
Five Card Stud poker hands must only be played after comprehensively studying and analysing every card and how it can assist you in winning the pot. Anyone who adopts this practice would find himself/herself frequently in a better position to win the game. Putting it another way, you must never rush through any Five Card Stud hand.

You must never mix Five Card Stud poker play with alcohol
Unlike some other poker variants, Five Card Stud poker is a game that involves plenty of patience and presence of mind. You’re required to stay focused and calm during the gameplay, as that’s the only way you can keep track of the live cards. Doing so is not possible under the influence of alcohol and hence you must never mix this game with alcohol.

You must never play solely on the basis of the up cards
Your opponents will always hold an advantage over you if you play solely on the basis of the up cards. You must take all your cards into consideration while betting on any hand. Bluffing and trying to play only on the basis of face up cards can easily alert your opponents who can then alter their moves and gain an upper hand.