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Kid’s Guide to the Music of Animals

Animals are amazing creatures. Whether it is birds, mammals, insects or reptiles, all animals use different forms of sound to communicate with each other. These sounds can be a warning to other animals that a predator is coming, a warning to a predator that they are not defenseless, or it can be a mating call for a potential partner during mating season. Animals also make sounds when they feel threatened or are in distress, when they feel sad, or when they feel happy. Mammals make noises between mother and baby to show affection and love.

Perhaps the animal with the largest variety of distinct and different noises are birds. Almost every bird in the world has its own unique sound or call that helps to identify it and give it an individual trait recognizable to others. Some larger animal will growl and roar, insects and reptiles hiss and tick, and even whales and dolphins sing and make noises unique to their species. Each noise that animals use to communicate is important in people understanding the rolls of those animals as they relate to each other, especially when combined with the gestures and facial expressions the animals use when communicating.

Check out some resources to learn more about animals and the many sounds and music that animals make:

  • Sounds of Survival – Check out this video that explains how scientists are discovering the many ways animals communicate to survive.
  • Animal Sound Clips – Discover the sounds many animals that live in their natural habitats make.
  • Animal Noise – Find out what one scientist says about why animals make noises.
  • Gallery of Animal Sounds – This page features lots of interesting animal pictures, along with links to the sounds they make.
  • Asian Animal Sounds – Discover some sounds many animals that live in the Asian region of the world make.
  • The Sounds of Nature – Learn more about animal’s natural sounds from a renowned biologist.
  • Scratch Project – Enjoy this interactive activity that helps children learn about animal sounds.
  • Bird Sounds – Here, you can find over 30,000 recordings of over 1,000 different animal species.
  • Frog Calls – Take a look at the wild and wonderful world of frogs and their different calls on this page.
  • Hark the Sound – This is a fun and simple sound game for kids who are visually impaired and involves various animal noises.
  • Amazing Animal Senses – Find out how animals survive and thrive using their many senses including different noises and sounds.
  • Creature Features – Click on your favorite animal to learn more about them!
  • Animal Communication – An in-depth assessment of how and why animals communicate.
  • Animal Library – This website is one of the largest collections of animal video and audio files on the web.
  • Sounds Library – Find out more about birds and other animals’ sounds with this audio library.
  • Gorilla Radio – Listen to several different interesting animal themed clips that feature their different sounds.
  • Identify the Mystery Animal Sound – Listen to this unusual and mysterious recording of an animal sound. Can you identify it?
  • Wild Sanctuary – Check out one of the largest private collections of wild animal recordings online.